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Who can I nominate?

You can nominate any professional choreographer, dancer, company, teacher or a person who has made a significant contribution to the art form through their designs or compositions for dance.

You can nominate professional performance that has premiered (or been remounted or recast) between 1 January and 31 December in either 2018 or 2019

Is the performance eligible?

Before you nominate, please read the selection criteria for each award category.

How are the awards decided?

1. Public nominations

You can nominate examples of the year's best professional dance. Anyone can nominate online, and artists and companies may also self nominate except in the Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement, Education & Services categories.

Our team makes sure all eligible work has a chance of being nominated by advertising the nominations process as widely as possible throughout the industry.

When you nominate you will be asked to provide reasons for your nomination, and, if self-nominating, links to the work, photographs, photo credits etc. There will be a small charge for each nomination: $25 for individuals nominating, $60 for funded companies.

2. The selection panel chooses their shortlist

The selection panel first considers the supporting comments received with each nomination. They also watch recorded versions of performances they have not seen.

Each panel member shortlists and rates their top four in each award category, giving:

  • 4 points for first place
  • 3 points for second place
  • 2 points for third place
  • 1 point for fourth place

3. The final shortlist and winners

We add up these points, and in each award category the four nominees with the highest scores become this year’s Australian Dance Awards shortlist. The nominee with the highest score in each award category is the winner.

How do I get my work nominated?

Are you a professional dance company or independent dance artist?

Here are some ideas to help you get your work considered for an Australian Dance Award.

  • Invite Australian Dance Awards panel members to your performances via the Nominations Coordinator
  • Invite your audience and your friends to nominate your work for the Australian Dance Awards (remember, the number of nominations is not important - it is the comment that accompanies the nomination that the panel considers)
  • You are invited to self-nominate, but you will need to provide verifiable audience feedback and/or published reviews.
  • Include the 'Australian Dance Awards – you can nominate!' invitation in your programs and on your website.