Presented by Ausdance

The Board of Ausdance National advises that a review will be conducted to re-evaluate the Australian Dance Awards. This places the 2022 Awards program on hold until the evaluation has been completed.
The review will consider the relevance of the Awards in today’s world, and their impact and value in serving the national dance community and the mission and vision of Ausdance National, including their accessibility, their inclusivity and their viability.
The review forms part of the Board’s appraisal of the association’s positioning and its ability to advocate for cultural leadership and the diversity and professionalism of dance practice, enabling the many benefits dance brings to the lives of people living on the lands now known as Australia.
Ausdance National aims to build awareness, understanding and acknowledgement of the extensive and impactful contributions made by the national dance sector. The roles that cultural leaders, dance professionals – and the pluralism of dance that they facilitate – are essential in shaping quality of life, and must be recognised and valued to be sustainable.
Ausdance National values the shared knowledge, experience and expertise of all of our members. You are vital to shaping Ausdance National activities that are relevant and effective and can support you and serve our mission.
We will be seeking your input about the Australian Dance Awards to inform the review.