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Australian Dance Awards

Janet Karin OAM

Australian Dance Awards 2020 For over 60 years Janet Karin has been a significant force in the world of Australian dance. She has been respected as a dancer, teacher, artistic director, mentor, researcher and academic, and in each of those roles has shown a deep commitment to dance and an intelligent and searching approach to the growth of the art form.

Jill Sykes

Australian Dance Awards 2019 Jill Sykes has been writing about the arts, dance in particular, since 1960 when she began working as a cadet journalist in Adelaide with The Advertiser. She has been freelancing since 1979 and is respected as a dance writer and critic for the breadth of her outlook, which encompasses all forms of dance; for the honesty of her approach; and for the inspiration her reviews and articles generate for her readers.

Athol Willoughby

Australian Dance Awards 2018 his exceptional contribution to the dance profession in Australia for over 65 years

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