How to get your work nominated

Are you a professional dance company or independent dance artist?

Here are some ideas to help you get your work nominated for an Australian Dance Award.

  • Invite Australian Dance Awards panel members to your performances via the Nominations Coordinator
  • Invite your audience and your friends to nominate your work for the Australian Dance Awards (remember, the number of nominations is not important - it is the comment that accompanies the nomination that the panel considers)
  • Include the 'Australian Dance Awards – you can nominate!' invitation in your programs and on your website

Include this invitation in your programs and on your website

Australian Dance Awards – you can nominate!

Were you excited or moved by the performance this evening? Did a particular dancer deliver a stunning performance?

You can nominate a choreographer, a dancer, a company or a piece of choreography for an Australian Dance Award. Nominate now while your memory is fresh! Visit the Australian Dance Awards website.

The annual Australian Dance Awards recognise and honour professional Australian dance artists.