How are the awards decided?

1. Public nominations

You nominate examples of the year's best professional dance. Anyone can nominate online or by emailing the Nominations Coordinator.

Our team makes sure all eligible work has a chance of being nominated. We contact Australia’s dance companies and independent artists, consult with the Ausdance network and advertise the nominations process.

We contact the people you nominate and collect their DVDs and reviews. We combine this with your nomination comments for the Awards selection panel to review.

2. The selection panel chooses their shortlist

The selection panel first considers the supporting comments received with each nomination. They also watch recorded versions of performances they have not seen.

Each panel member shortlists and rates their top four in each award category, giving:

  • 4 points for first place
  • 3 points for second place
  • 2 points for third place
  • 1 point for fourth place

3. The final shortlist and winners

We add up these points, and in each award category, the four nominees with the highest scores become this year’s Australian Dance Awards shortlist. The nominee with the highest score in each award category is the winner.