Longlist of nominees for 2017 Awards!

Published on 05 April 2017

[Image: Re-make by Chunky Move, Next Move commission. Choreography: Melanie Lane. Image: Gregory Lorenzutti]

This longlist of nominations, along with recorded excerpts of performances, goes to the Selection Panel who will vote to shortlist their top four contenders in each category.

Not every single nomination will appear on this list. A long, unedited list (up to 550 nominations each year) is carefully scrutinised by the ADAs advisors and members of the Selection Panel to eliminate any nominations that do not meet all the Selection Criteria.

As the panel looks at excerpts of all nominated work before deciding on a shortlist, it is essential for the committee to keep only the most outstanding/significant nominations so that it remains a manageable task. The committee also takes care to ensure that the professional dance sector is well represented across all states and territories.

The shortlist will be announced about mid July, with winners announced at the 2017 Australian Dance Awards in Melbourne on Sunday 24 September.

Ausdance National thanks the ADAs Selection Panel members who not only generously donote their time and expertise, but do so with great diligence and consideration. Ausdance National is responsible for the management of nominations, liaison with the panel members and advisors, maintaining the Selection Criteria and overseeing a rigorous voting procedure.

Services to Dance

  • Ben Cobham
  • Nicolette Fraillon
  • Jennifer Irwin
  • Valerie Lawson
  • Susan Mayes
  • Philip Piggin

Service to Dance Education

  • Sally Chance
  • Lesley Graham
  • Katrina Rank
  • Joy & Dawn Ransley  
  • Kim Walker

Outstanding Achievement in Community Dance

  • Mature Artists Dance Experience for  Moment to Moment
  • Sprung Integrated Dance Company for Encounters
  • Country Arts SA for Dance Jungle Gym
  • Liz Lea & collaborators for Great Sport!
  • Tracks Dance Company for Landed
  • Salamanca Arts Centre for Salamanca Moves Festival

Outstanding Achievement in Youth Dance

  • 2nd Toe Dance Collective for Alice Can Dance
  • Ann Roberts School of Dance for Miss Roberts Dream
  • Ballet Theatre of Queensland for Aladdin           
  • Catapult Dance, The Flipside Project for Pushing Boundaries
  • Catapult Dance, The Flipside Project for In Search of the Lost Things
  • Co3 Youth Ensemble for Our City, Our Stories
  • DRILL for Destructive Feedback
  • DRILL for Trash This Place
  • Origins Dance Company for Fibonacci
  • QL2 Dance for Connected
  • Restless Dance Theatre & The Audreys for In The Balance
  • Slide Dance for Secrets
  • Stompin for Face Value: Convergence
  • Tracks Dance Company for Milpirri (Kurdiji)
  • Yellow Wheel for Quark

Outstanding Achievement in Choreography

  • Rafael Bonachela for Anima [Sydney Dance Company]
  • Brendan Bradshaw for Dracula [Melbourne City Ballet]
  • Kristina Chan for A Faint Existence [Force Majeure]
  • Craig Davidson for Ambiguous Content [West Australian Ballet]
  • Lucy Guerin for The Dark Chorus [Lucy Guerin Inc]
  • Lucas Jervies for Little Red Riding Hood [Queensland Ballet]
  • Stephanie Lake for Double Blind [Stephanie Lake Company]
  • Melanie Lane for Re-make [Chunky Move]
  • Jack Lister for Rational/Animal [Queensland Ballet]
  • Jo Lloyd for Mermermer [Chunky Move]
  • Larissa McGowan for Mortal Condition
  • Danielle Micich for Off The Record [Force Majeure]
  • Kyle Page & Amber Haines for Rainbow Vomit [Dancenorth]
  • Andre Santos for In Black [West Australian Ballet]
  • Garry Stewart for Objekt [Australian Dance Theatre]
  • Anouk van Dijk for Lucid [Chunky Move]
  • Anouk van Dijk for Rule of Thirds [Chunky Move]
  • Natalie Weir for We Who Are Left [Queensland Ballet]

Outstanding Performance by a Company

  • The Australian Ballet for Nijinsky           
  • Australian Dance Theatre for Habitus           
  • Bangarra Dance Theatre for Our Land People Stories
  • Chunky Move for Re-Make           
  • Chunky Move for Lucid
  • Co3 for re:Loaded
  • Dancenorth for Rainbow Vomit
  • Dancenorth for If__Was__
  • Expressions Dance Company for Black
  • Force Majeure for Off The Record
  • Lucy Guerin Inc for The Dark Chorus
  • Queensland Ballet for Strictly Gershwin
  • Queensland Ballet for A Midsummer Night’s dream
  • Sydney Dance Company for Untamed
  • West Australian Ballet for The Nutcracker

Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance

  • Australian Dance Artists for Seven Impossible Pieces for Four Dancers
  • Australian Dance Party for Nervous
  • Praxis for Dark Matter
  • Dance Makers Collective for Dads
  • Emma Fishwick for microLandscapes           
  • Ghenoa Gela for Fragments of Malungoka-Women of the Sea           
  • Lina Limosani for One’s Wicked Ways
  • Paul Malek for Boyz
  • Paul Malek and Kim Adam for Yours Truly
  • Alice Dixon, Caroline Meaden & William McBride for Fallen O'er
  • Larissa McGowan for Mortal Condition
  • Pepa Molina for Bush Bailando
  • Liesel Zink for The Stance

Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer

  • Natalie Allen for Decadance Perth 2016 [STRUT Dance]
  • Michelle Barnet for When Time Stops [Expressions Dance Company]
  • Juliet Burnett for Re-Make [Chunky Move]
  • Juliette Barton for Lux Tenebris [Sydney Dance Company]
  • Jana Castillo for Off The Record [Force Majeure]
  • Kristina Chan  for A Faint Existence [Force Majeure]
  • Janessa Dufty for Lux Tenebris [Sydney Dance Company]
  • Zoë Dunwoodie for Habitus [Australian Dance Theatre]
  • Amber Haines for Spectra [Dancenorth]
  • Amy Harris for Nijinsky [The Australian Ballet]
  • Sarah Hepburn for The Nutcracker  [West Australian Ballet]
  • Lina Kim for Cinderella [Queensland Ballet]
  • Ako Kondo for Coppélia [The Australian Ballet]
  • Stephanie Lake for The Dark Chorus [Lucy Guerin Inc]           
  • Lauren Langlois for Lucid [Chunky Move]
  • Talitha Lee Maslin for The Cry [Co3]
  • Elise May for When Time Stops [Expressions Dance Company]
  • Larissa McGowan for Mortal Condition
  • Ashley McLellan for If___ was ___ [Dancenorth]
  • Pepa Molina for  Bush Bailando [Pepa Molina Dance Company]
  • Clare Morehen for Lest We Forget [Queensland Ballet]
  • Meg Parry for Romeo and Juliet [West Australian Ballet]
  • Yanela Pinera for Strictly Gershwin [Queensland Ballet]
  • Tara Jade Samaya for Rule of Thirds [Chunky Move]
  • Taree Sansbury for [Mis]conceive  [Thomas ES Kelly]
  • Jesse Scales for Untamed [Sydney Dance Company]
  • Lilian Steiner for The Dark Chorus [Lucy Guerin Inc]
  • Leanne Stojmenov for Nijinsky [The Australian Ballet]
  • Rachael Walsh for Strictly Gershwin [Queensland Ballet]
  • Brooke Widdison-Jacobs for Radio & Juliet [West Australian Ballet]

 Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer

  • Joshua Arkey for La Choreografia [Danza Del Arte]
  • Vito Bernasconi for Lest We Forget [Queensland Ballet]
  • Thomas Bradley for Mortal Condition [Larissa McGowan]           
  • Richard Causer for Black [Expressions Dance Company]
  • Benjamin Chapman for When Time Stops [Expressions Dance Company]
  • Richard Cilli for Lux Tenebris [Sydney Dance Company]
  • Nelson Earl for Lux Tenebris [Sydney Dance Company]
  • Chengwu Guo for Vitesse [The Australian Ballet]
  • Benjamin Hancock for The Dark Chorus [Lucy Guerin Inc]
  • Mitchell Harvey for The Cry [Co3]
  • Rudy Hawkes for Little Atlas [The Australian Ballet]
  • Alexander Idasak for The Nutcracker [Queensland Ballet]            
  • Kevin Jackson for Nijinsky [The Australian Ballet]
  • Kris Kerr for Strictly Gershwin [Queensland Ballet]
  • Bernhard Knauer for Wildebeest [Sydney Dance Company]           
  • Matthew Lehmann for The Nutcracker [West Australian Ballet]
  • Gakuro Matsui for The Nutcracker [West Australian Ballet]
  • Josh Mu for Spectra [Dancenorth]
  • James Vu Anh Pham for Rule of Thirds [Chunky Move]
  • Matte Roffe for Habitus [Australian Dance Theatre]
  • Andre Santos for The Nutcracker [West Australian Ballet]
  • Andre Santos for Romeo and Juliet  [Western Australian Ballet]
  • Russell Thorpe for re:Loaded 2016 [Co3]
  • Joel Woellner for A Midsummer Night's Dream [Queensland Ballet]
  • Shane Wuerthner for Strictly Gershwin [Queensland Ballet]
  • Jack Ziesing for Decadance Perth 2016 [STRUT Dance]

Outstanding Achievement in Dance on Film or New Media

  • Stephen Agisilaou for New York City [Vertical Shadows Dance Company]
  • Richard James Allen for Spotlight [The Physical TV Company]
  • Juliet Burnett for Letting Blood
  • Lucy Doherty for Mandala [One Dance Collective]
  • Jonathan Homsey for Shujin
  • Tara & Pippa Samaya for The Knowledge Between Us
  • Sally Wicks & Dan Crestani for Empathy is the Devil [Sumi Productions]

Outstanding Achievement in Commercial Dance, Musicals or Physical Theatre

  • Marko Panzic for The Secret Society [The Dream Dance Company]
  • Jack Chambers for Singin’ in the Rain Stage Entertainment and Chichester Festival
  • Christopher Horsey for Swing on This
  • Company 2 for Scotch & Soda
  • Sarah Boutler for Dance Academy ABC TV

The Award for Lifetime Achievement 2017 will be announced mid August.