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Australian Dance Awards

Services to Dance

  • Philippe Charluet
  • Marilyn Miller
  • Philip Piggin
  • Hilary Trotter

Services to Dance Education

  • Paige Gordon
  • Raewyn Hill
  • Sinsa Mansell
  • Katrina Rank

Outstanding Achievement in Community Dance

  • Annette Carmichael (choreography), James Gentle (sound design) The Beauty Index
  • Tracks Dance Man Made
  • QPAC, The Royal Ballet and Community Groups We All Dance
  • Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre Share House

Outstanding Achievement in Youth Dance

  • Austinmer Dance Theatre UNREAL
  • Co3 Project next
  • QL2 Dance This Poisoned Sea
  • Moorambilla Voices Gundabooka

Outstanding Performance by a Company

  • Co3 The Zone
  • Dancenorth Attractor
  • STRUT Dance *William Forsythe’s* One Flat Thing, Reproduced
  • Queensland Ballet Raw (triple bill): No Man’s Land, Glass Concerto *and* Ghost Dances

Outstanding Achievement in Choreography

  • Lucy Guerin and Gideon Obarzanek Attractor (Dancenorth and Lucy Guerin Inc)
  • Raewyn Hill The Zone (Co3)
  • Stephanie Lake Pile of Bones (Stephanie Lake Company)
  • Stephen Page Bennelong (2017) (Bangarra Dance Theatre)

Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance

  • Martin del Amo CHAMPIONS
  • Australian Dance Artists Restraint(s)
  • Michelle Heaven In Plan
  • Nick Power (choreography), Jack Prest (sound design) Between Tiny Cities រវាងទីក្រុងតូច

Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer

  • Jana Castillo construct (Australian Dance Theatre)
  • Amber Haines Spectra (Dancenorth)
  • Ako Kondo Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (The Australian Ballet)
  • Charmene Yap Ocho (Sydney Dance Company)

Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer

  • Richard Causer Behind Closed Doors (Expressions Dance Company)
  • Nelson Earl Ocho (Sydney Dance Company)
  • Beau Dean Riley Smith Bennelong (2017) (Bangarra Dance Theatre)
  • Kimball Wong construct (Australian Dance Theatre)

Outstanding Achievement in Commercial Dance, Musicals or Physical Theatre

  • Gravity & Other Myths BACKBONE
  • Michael Ralph SELF
  • Andrew Hallsworth Muriel’s Wedding (Sydney Theatre Company and Global Creatures)
  • Nicola Gunn and Jo Lloyd Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster

Outstanding Achievement in Dance on Film or New Media

  • Richard James Allen Enchant
  • Sophia Bender Behind Barres
  • Sue Healey Eileen
  • Catherine Moore & Jade Lowry Unstilled